I've always enjoyed exercise, from the gym and swimming to Pilates and yoga. Over the last 18 months I've been focused on losing weight and toning my body, as I'm getting married in South Africa. I've been having one-on-one personal training sessions with Elieser and my shape has really changed. Exercise and healthy eating have helped my lose 6 stone! Exercise is part of my life and keeps me focused on eating healthily too. I wear a pedometer and I log my food and drink. It's all helped me on my journey.

Debbie M

I've been a member of Mapledurham for nearly two years now, and try to come at least three times a week. In the last eight months I have really seen a huge change in my fitness and physique, due to the training staff at the gym and my mental attitude towards intensifying my training regime. This is exactly what I set out to achieve. I was never really a “classes” person but I've really enjoyed the boxing and boot camp classes, which take me back to my boxing days and are as intense as you make them. While I have attended many different gyms over the last six years, Mapledurham has been a gym in which I've really felt at home and as soon as I'm finished work, it is a great place to switch off and enjoy my evening, which stops me trying to find an excuse not to come. To sum it up, in the last eight months I have lost ten kilograms and gained strength, fitness and confidence.

Andrew M

When you reach your 40s with a healthy appetite for ale, meat, wine, and cheese and spend the best part of your day sat in an office wrestling with presentations, you begin to realise you have to find a way to manage your physical self to avoid becoming someone you no longer recognise. Since joining Mapledurham, I have participated in several sports events including half-marathons, hiking Kilimanjaro, mountain biking across the Alps and parts of South Africa and road biking in local sportifs. After a day in the office I look forward to escaping to the Club to physically challenge myself in a friendly, professional environment before relaxing in the pool and sauna. The result is typically an appetite for some more good food and a restful night's sleep. Thanks to the team who help create this environment.

Bradford H

My wife Fiona and I usually work out together. We really enjoy working out with each other and we both push ourselves a little harder because we can see the other one watching! We recently got married and I can say for sure that we both felt so much better about ourselves on the day because of the work we have been putting in at Mapledurham. Fiona in particular has seen real improvements in her thighs and core. I have seen her training change massively in the past year too; she now make the connection with the moves she is doing (squats for example) and exactly how that is going to improve her body. That is largely down to the trainers here that really make an effort to educate rather than just instruct. The benefits for myself include a better golf swing and performance when I play football. It also allows me to massively de-stress from work. When I come to the gym, it's not that I don't think about work at all (that's impossible!), it's that it gives me a place to think about the day logically. At home there is always a laptop and emails, however when I'm at the gym, it's just me and my thoughts, which allows me to make sense of the day.

Ant T

I am a regular golfer and gym user here at Mapledurham and have been for years. I feel that even though I am aging, I shouldn't have to let my body age at the same rate. Unfortunately, 5 months ago, I had a fall and broke my leg. This took me out of both golf and the gym for a long time. Recently I have just started making it back into the gym. Because Mapledurham is such a friendly place and the gym is a warm environment, I was not intimidated at at all going back in. I have built my confidence back up and more importantly I am back to beating my husband at golf!

Audrey T

I've been regularly going to the gym for over 3 years now but have been happiest with my progress since joining Mapledurham. I was in good shape when I joined but have been working with Josh and Phil to focus my training on losing fat and building muscle. I'm most impressed with the time that the trainers have been willing to invest in getting to know me and building a programme for me which works around my football and work. I've seen great results and have a much greater knowledge of different training techniques as well as how to supplement this with my diet. The guys are always on hand to help and I also take part in Phil's Hatton class which is hugely enjoyable and adds great variety to my weekly workouts. Before I would always find a reason to not come to a workout or a session, and although my physical shape has changed, I'd say the main thing that I've seen a difference in is my attitude. I am now so much more focussed and would not dream of missing a 06.30 class! The gym has made me disciplined and obviously that has had great benefits outside of the club.

Sam G

Being a member of Mapledurham has seriously helped me build my confidence. Having a workout can completely transform my day; it just increases my energy levels and gives me that feel-good factor. Now that I am doing personal training, I feel fitter and stronger as well as feeling more open to try new things. The warm atmosphere here gives me the confidence to try things out.

Tanveer N

Until around 4 months ago I really started to plateau when it came to my fitness training; I would come to the gym and just go through the motions. However, thanks to the staff here, I decided that enough was enough. Through sorting out a new program with them I have started seeing some serious results, which I'm really happy with. If it's worth doing then it's worth doing properly and here at Mapledurham, I have the environment that allows me to do that.

Tom O

My job is working in a fire station on the admin side. To say it is stressful would be a huge understatement. The gym provides a huge stress release for my and it allows for work to not get the better of me. The staff here are fantastic; I remember one day when I came through the doors from work, Darren (a fitness instructor) could see the look of stress in my eyes, went to the back room and got a pair of boxing gloves so I could really unwind!

Michelle A

I really do like to watch telly. So the feeling of watching the telly whilst I'm on the exercise bike and doing myself some good is great! I also really like food, so without the gym I would be huge. I am a doctor and also have children so it's all about setting the right example. The atmosphere here at Mapledurham make it all the more enjoyable; there is no ego and I always feel at ease.

Ralph D

Around 18 months ago I got a pretty serious back injury; I ruptured a disc and required surgery. I have recovered well and I owe that to the classes, the trainers and the pool at Mapledurham. I started off with Pilates and as I got stronger have moved onto more ‘taxing' classes such as Body Pump and Spin. I enjoyed the Hatton ABC class so much here that I have started training with the Reading Amateur boxing club.

Sam T

I took part in the Sugar Challenge this year and since then my dreadful habit of hitting the sweetie drawer in the evening has stopped. I can't believe it as I've been hitting it for 63 years! Well done to the team - you are doing a great job.

Julia M